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(fate guides your life by in-fin-it-tes-im-al  happen-stance)
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Infinitesimal Happenstance

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On the back jacket:

A falling pencil in a Fayette Iowa shoe store starts a chain of events that brings Eli Bailey and Mayme Richards, both twenty years old, together in Atlantic City to discover true love.

Years earlier Eli's father had hypothesized a theory he stated as “The paths of two objects already in motion through time will be nudged to intersect by the ripple of a pebble that Fate caused to drop at a precise moment.” This definition is repeated to Mayme when Eli explains the consequences of that falling pencil months before their meeting.

When Mayme, a firm believer in destiny’s influence, names his father’s premise INFINITESIMAL HAPPENSTANCE she exclaims, “I have given a wonderful name to your father’s magnificent theory.”

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